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One Stop Carwash - Custom Carwash Architect in Flagstaff, AZ

Ty Reece



U of A graduate and son of local Arizona architect, Richard Reece, Ty grew up in a world where architecture was part of everyday life:

“I had the privilege of growing up in homes designed by my father where I witnessed ideas spring from his mind, land on paper for a time, and eventually emerge into reality; an experience I am eager to share.”

In 2013 Ty began work at nationally-renowned architectural firm Lake|Flato Architects, where his design philosophy about space, form, and material was shaped into what it is today: Honesty in Design, where buildings tell you the “how and why” they work the way they do.

Since returning home from Texas, Ty has had unique opportunities to expand his design skills across multiple commercial design projects, while clinging closely to his first love, residential design.

 “As a husband and father of four, my aim is to help families create their one-of-a-kind legacy home where their children will, in years to come, return with children of their own. That is my passion, my joy.” 

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